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Model 760 Ground Fault Analyzer

The Model 760 Ground Fault Analyzer is portable and locates ground faults on energized three phase delta or wye systems ranging from 120 to 600 volts.
Detects and locates ground faults on energized power circuits.
Wide range of applications - 120 to 600 volts, AC or DC, delta or wye
Easy and safe to operate - fully automatic phase/voltage selection
Lightweight and portable - enclosure lid holds all accessories
Model 760 Ground Fault Analyzer
Model 760 Ground Fault Analyzer
The Model 760 detects and locates accidental ground faults on both energized and de-energized power circuits including single phase, three phase, and DC ungrounded systems.
The Model 760 automatically determines which phase is grounded, and with a hand-held portable pickup probe, the operator traces a signal tone to the exact point of the fault.
The Model 760 is fully portable and can be used at any location in the distribution system. Due to the sensitivity of the pickup probe and adjustable volume control, the tracing signal can be heard as far as 5 feet from the conduit for easy tracing in difficult to reach areas. This unit also comes with a 10 foot extension pole to assist tracing overhead conduits.
Ordering Information

PRICE:  $3,895.00 (U.S)
DELIVERY:   From stock
F.O.B:   Marlboro, NJ  07746
VIA:  UPS or FedEx

Price includes all accessories.
Model 760 Specifications
Completely automatic selection of phase and voltage
For use on single phase, three phase delta or wye, and DC systems from 120 to 600 volts
Signal Generator:
Frequency: 1 kHz
Signal Gate time: 0.5 to 2.0 seconds
Current (zero resistance fault): 4.0 A peak
Voltage (high resistance fault): 100 volts peak
Variable frequency audio output: Steady or warble
Signal generator current: 0 - 3.0 A
Phase-to-phase or
phase-to-ground voltage:
0 - 600 V
Sensitivity:   Responds to 50% or less of the normally unfaulted phase- to- ground voltage
Exploring Probe:  Adjustable gain audio amplifier (9V battery)
Enclosure:  14" wide x 11" deep x 14" high polyethylene case with storage lid for all the accessories
Accessories:   Exploring probe, headset, 3 phase power cable, single phase line cord,
signal and ground cables, extension pole assembly, and spare fuse/bulb kit

Model 125 Ground Fault Detector

The Model 125 is a permanently mounted fault detector for these systems.
Model 125 Ground Fault Detector
Model 125 Ground Fault Detector