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Rotary Switch Options

Multi-Tech RF Power Switches can be configured in an infinite number of variations for each specific requirement.   Most switches can be customized to provide special shaft lengths and features such as flats and keyways.  Depending upon the switch model, there can be a total of up to eight decks (or wafers) per switch, each deck having a unique number of positions and rotor styles.  For special space requirements, most switch models can be provided with custom length spacers between decks to offer greater flexibility of design.
Model 86 Rotary Switch
Model 86 Rotary Switch


The following list depicts the special features that can be specified at the the customer's request:
(1)      Shaft materials:   Nickel-silver, stainless steel, or G10 epoxy fiberglass
(2)      Detent wheels:   Nylon or cold-rolled steel
(3)      Detent rollers:   Nylon or stainless steel
(4)      Shaft features:   Flatted, keyed, slotted
(5)      Wafer contacts:   Shorting and non-shorting (standard)
(6)      Spacers:   Custom lengths
(7)      Mounting brackets:   Aluminum, cold-rolled steel, or nylon
(8)      Contact Plating:   Silver, gold, or rhodium


Please provide the following information to receive  a current price quotation and delivery date:
(1)      Switch model  (80, 85, 86, etc.)
(2)      Number of decks
(3)      Number of positions (contacts) per deck (specify if shorting)
(4)      Rotor style  (refer to switch specification drawings for available styles)
(5)      Detent style  (30, 60, or 90 degree indexing)
(6)      Custom features  (shaft lengths, shaft flats, special spacing, etc.)

Note:   All switches are custom-made to order.  All orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable.